EarthBound Randomizer v47.4

The EarthBound Randomizer is a web app that randomizes a ROM for the Super Nintendo game EarthBound, providing endless unique gameplay experiences with many distinct modes. For more information, visit our GitHub page. You can contact the developer @stochaztic on Twitter. Most recent update: Feb 13, 2021, v47.4 (changelog)

1) Select ROM

Select a ROM file that is an unaltered US version of EarthBound. We will not provide this file.

File loaded: None

2) Select Modes

Character sprites:(show)

The seed should be an integer value. ROMs with identical seeds, versions, and flags will be identical.

Primary mode:

Recommended. Ancient Cave mode completely changes how the game is played. Instead of proceeding through the normal storyline of EarthBound, all rooms and doors have been shuffled around into a multi-level maze. You start with all four party members, and your goal is to proceed through all 8 levels of the maze, each level guarded by a Shiny Spot, and reach and defeat Giygas.

Other flags:

We have chosen a default selection of flags that give an exciting new twist to the game (random backgrounds, enemy names, gift box contents, similar sprites, etc), while also focusing on a strong, fun, playable experience. This includes a run button, activated by holding "Y". You can customize these flags by pressing the button below to increase or decrease the type or severity of the randomization. A few flags are marked dangerous, as they may make the game glitchy or unbeatable.

3) Generate ROM

Press the button below to generate your ROM file. This will also generate a spoiler file you can use here to see relevant data about your seed.

You must select a ROM file first.